7 Common Habits are Probably Damaging Your Eyes

habits damaging eyes

“To change your life, change your habits.”

Have you ever wondered how some of your seemingly simple and common habits affect your eyes? Like those binge watching sessions of your favorite series late in the night or a quick swimming session with friends without swimming goggles. What’s wrong with relaxing with a good book before sleeping, you might wonder?

Certain habits form a major part of our lifestyle. And gradually they affect our eye health. Listed below are 7 such common habits, which you need to alter or get rid of entirely, to ensure that you maintain a healthy vision:

1. Staring at Screens before Sleeping

Can’t resist checking your smartphone before going to bed? Watching TV late into the night? If these seem familiar, you might be suffering from digital eye strain. Exposing your eyes to digital screens continually and especially before sleeping can lead to hazy vision, dry eyes, nausea and dizziness.

2. Working or Reading under Poor Lighting

Most of the people have the habit of reading late at night. Also, a majority of individuals work in poorly lighted environments. People should be conscious of the lighting levels in their surroundings so as to prevent damage to their eyes. Because, under-lighted settings can cause immense strain on your eyes and this might lead to dryness and irritation.

3. Frequently Rubbing Eyes

Think about how often do you unconsciously rub your eyes; itchy or not. You may be relieved from the itching sensation for a few moments. But the frequent rubbing can cause a lot of damage to your eyes. Firstly, you transfer germs from your hands to the eyes. And secondly, it can lead to wear and tear of cornea and fragile vessels around the eye.

4. Ditching the Protective Eye Wear

A lot of people forget about protective eye wear while playing sports or working with tools, welding machines, etc. For instance, swimmers must never swim without appropriate goggles. Chemicals in water can cause itching, blurred vision and in extreme cases even temporary blindness.

Also, while stepping out in the sun, people often forget to wear sunglasses. Exposure to harmful UV rays can cause Eyelid or Conjunctival cancer, Cataracts, Keratitis or even Corneal burns.

5. Depriving Yourself of Enough Sleep

Apart from several health implications like depression, weight gain, tiredness and decreased immune function, sleep deprivation also affects your eyesight badly. Pain, blurry vision, dry eyes and twitching are some of the adverse effects which you might experience if you don’t get the essential 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

6. Not Quitting Smoking

The chances of health issues related to vision are increased manifolds due to smoking. These include Cataracts, Glaucoma, Dry eye syndrome and Age-related macular degeneration. Those who smoke more and continue it for a long time are even more prone to blindness.

7. Missing Eye Checkups

Numerous people do not go for regular eye checkups. An eye exam can reveal much more than just a change in the eye power. Age, diet, daily activities – there are so many factors affecting your vision. So even if you feel that your vision is normal, you cannot be sure enough unless a professional examines it thoroughly. Many of the eye ailments can be detected in their early stages through periodic eye exams.

If you too are guilty of any or all of the above mentioned unhealthy habits, it’s time you do away with them. Our talented team at InSight Vision Center can help you with any queries and issues regarding eye care. You can also get rid of your glasses or contacts and enjoy a normal vision with the help of our exceptional Lasik services which are safe, reliable and cost-effective. So, make an appointment with us today.

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