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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent option for people who need vision correction but are not comfortable with the idea of wearing eyeglasses all the time.

Contact lenses are thin, vision corrective disks that clings over your cornea. Over the past decade, advances in technology have lead to the development of different types of contact lenses in Fresno, for just about anybody who needs them.

Contact Lenses for Your Unique Needs

InSight Vision Center offers a wide variety of contact lenses in Fresno to accommodate your unique needs and also your lifestyle.

Our eye experts in Fresno, CA evaluates your vision and physiology of your eyes to help you choose the contact lens that’s best suited for you.

Selecting the Right Contact Lens for Your Eyes

At InSight Vision Center, Fresno, CA, our eye experts take the following factors into consideration to help select the right eye lens for you:

1. Your Contact Lens Prescription

Finding the contact lens that accurately corrects your vision is the first step. Your contact lens prescription has to be accurate, for it to actually correct your vision.

Your eyes keep on changing as you age. Therefore, your contact lenses prescription stays valid for just one year. That’s the reason why you are expected to evaluate the health of your eyes annually to check the accuracy of your contact lens prescription.

If your prescription has expired, you may need to take an eye exam. Our ophthalmologists can perform an eye exam to review the accuracy of your prescription. As a courtesy, we can dispense trials until your next appointment.

2. Your Contact Lens Fit

The contact lens must fit your eyes perfectly. At InSight Vision Center, we understand the repercussions of wearing poorly fit lens – discomfort, swelling, inflammation, abrasion and even permanent eye tissue damage.

Therefore, we offer different colored contact lenses with varying curvature and diameter combinations to accommodate the wide variety in eye shapes.

3. Your Eye Condition

Pertinent eye diseases may affect your choice of the contact lens. For instance, if you have dry eyes, our fitting specialist may choose a contact lens that is designed to address this condition.

4. Your Contact Lens Wearing Time

It was earlier considered a routine to remove the contact lens and clean them every night. However, with advances in technology, newer lens materials have been added. People today can wear colored contact lenses for extended periods of time. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for 7 to 30 days at a stretch.

However, our eye experts will determine your overall eye health, the possibility of underlying eye diseases and your eye care needs to assess whether you are a candidate for daily wear contact lenses, extended wear lenses, or continuous wear contacts

Which contact lens is right for you?

Finding the perfect eye lens for your eyes may take more than one try. Different people react to lens materials and cleaning solution differently.

Also, the correct power, curvature and the diameter of your lens can only be finalized after you have worn the eye lens successfully.

InSight Vision Center can help select the right contact lens for you. Schedule an appointment now!

How long should I wear my contact lenses?

It depends on what type of contact lenses you wear. The two most common types of contact lens are monthly lens (taken out each night) and daily lens (inserted in the morning and disposed at the end of the day). However, there is yet another addition – extended wear lenses that can be worn for 7 to 30 days without removal.

Depending on your visual needs and the overall health of your eyes, your eye doctor in Fresno may be able to decide which type of lens is best for you.

Why InSight Vision Center

There are so many options in contact lenses in Fresno, but it’s important that you choose the best product that meets your particular needs while blending with your skin tone and eye color. At InSight Vision Center, our experts make sure your contact lenses are a perfect fit.

1. Expert and Experienced Staff

Our eye doctors and technicians are up-to-date with the latest technology and offer the best expertise and customer service in Fresno, CA.

2. Advanced Technology

We offer a range of the most advanced lens materials. Our technologically-advanced equipment makes the most accurate contact lens evaluation for you.

3. Convenience

InSight Vision Center, your eye doctor in Fresno, CA is a full-service eye care practice. From comprehensive eye exam to prescriptions, our experienced staff takes care of all your needs at your convenient location in Fresno, CA.

4. Competitive Price

We provide exceptional eye care at prices that are extremely competitive.

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Contact Lenses FAQs

Your eyes change as you age. Therefore, the validity of your contact lens prescription is one year. After the prescription expires, you need to go to the doctor to get your eyes evaluated and your prescription reviewed for accuracy.
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Generally, a maximum of 10 to 12 hours per day is recommended. Keeping your contact lenses on your eyes for long may cause your eyes to become red and uncomfortable making them susceptible to eye infections.
Contact lenses are a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses. However, contact lenses can harm your eyes if you:
  • Wear them for longer hours
  • Fail to clean them properly
  • Do not replace them as and when advised by your eye doctor
When you take a nap with contact lenses on, you allow a greater amount of oxygen to come into your cornea, which can cause irritation and eye dryness. It may also increase the risk of eye damage and eye infection. If you accidentally sleep while you have your contacts lenses on, take them out immediately. Do not wear them for the rest of the day; wear eyeglasses instead. Let your eyes breathe and soak your lenses in the multi-purpose solution. If you cannot help but sleep with contact lenses on often, consider switching over to daily disposable lenses.
That’s a myth. Contacts can get stuck under your eyelid, but they cannot get lost in the eye.
The contact lens can get blurry when there is dryness of the eyes or the contact lens. If the blurry vision is because of eye dryness, blink your eyes; If it’s because of the dryness of the contact lens, put rewetting drops in your eyes.
Swimming with contact lenses can make your eyes susceptible to eye infections, irritation, and even corneal ulcer. As per FDA recommendation, the contact lenses should not come in contact with water that includes tap water and water in hot tubs, oceans, showers and swimming pools.

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