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Latisse Eyelashes

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Eye lashes tend to break, typically due to age, bad immune systems, infections, unhealthy and stressful lifestyles as well as the use of certain makeup. Doctors recommend Latisse for longer eyelashes.

Latisse is a miracle solution to longer, luscious and darker eye lashes. It is FDA approved and available at InSight Vision Center in Fresno, California. All it requires is application once a day, and with time, fuller eyelashes manifest. If you want to make your eyes pop and correct the issue of falling or breaking eyelashes, this is the way to go!

About Latisse

Eye lashes start thinning over time, mostly with age, but they can be repaired using Latisse which is an eye lengthening cream and a prescription drug that works to eliminate the problem of inadequate eyelashes. A daily application of Latisse will in due time convert less into more, and has what it takes to make eye lashes darker, longer and more luscious.

Latisse is a version of bimatoprost, which is a drug used to cure glaucoma and normally available in the form of eye drops. Patients with glaucoma reported lengthier and darker eye lashes during treatment as a mere side effect of the medicated eye drops. Hence the remedy for inadequate eyelashes was born.  

How Does Latisse Work?

Just like hair growth anywhere else on the body, eyelashes also tend to have a growth period and with age it lessens and will eventually fall out. Latisse works by extending the growth period of the eyelashes, including the overall number of lashes that sprout.


All you have to do is for application is to dab the cream over the upper eyelashes once every night, with one of the applicators that are provided (which are sterilized for your safety). The cream then automatically spreads to the lower lashes with natural blinking.

It is important to keep in mind that each applicator needs to be discarded after a single use, and that one should make sure not to let the cream enter the eye. It is also recommended that the cream not be applied on the lower lashes, as the chances of it entering the eye increase.

latisse results

Within just 2 months of everyday use, the length of eyelashes can grow tremendously.  Within 16 weeks, growth can be summarized up to 25% lengthier lashes, thickness increased by 106% and eye lashes that are 108% darker than before treatment started.

Of course, after the 3rd or 4th month running, the doctor may ask you to apply Latisse once in every 2 days instead of every day. It is also important to note that once application stops altogether, your lashes will eventually go back to their normal state.

Potential Latisse Side Effects

Even though Latisse is safe for most people there is a possible chance of side effects. The basic side effects that you may experience with Latisse include dryness in eyes, discoloration of eye lids or severe redness in eyes. There is also a chance for permanent brown pigmentation of the iris.

People who have eye problems should avoid its use, especially those who have severe allergies, skin infections concerning the upper eye lids, macular edema, conjunctivitis and uveitis. It is also a big no-no for pregnant and nursing women, just like most other cosmetic treatments!

Important Safety Information

Before using any new product or medication, it is necessary to carry out the due research and understand all the facts relating to it. If you plan to use Latisse to enhance eyelashes and are already suffering from intraocular pressure, it is a good idea to consult the doctor so as to monitor the eye pressure.

If you’re sensitive to certain medications, prone to allergies or planning to get pregnant, consult a doctor before starting to use Latisse. It’s always better to be well informed regarding the treatment and results, and any good doctor will be glad to answer your questions!

A few important tips to note for safety purposes are:

  • Only use the sterile applicators provided.
  • Do not apply on lower lashes or inside the eye.
  • Remove contact lenses before use and avoid putting them on till at least 15 minutes after application.
  • Don’t allow the tip of the applicator or the bottle to touch the fingers, to avoid bacteria and possible infections.

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