How to Clean Glasses Properly and What to Avoid While Cleaning?

How to clean glasses properly

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How to clean glasses? This might not be one of the questions that come to your mind often. You just do it without much thought as it’s an everyday task. However, don’t be surprised if you find out through this article that you are missing some critical steps.

The hygiene of your eyeglasses is directly linked to your eye health, so you better not take it for granted. Read this post to learn how to make eyeglasses cleaner and how not to clean the glasses. Check out some additional information on how to get rid of scratches and how to store eyeglasses properly. Let’s start reading!

How to Clean Glasses?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your glasses properly.

  1. Wash Your Hands: You will waste all your hard work cleaning your glasses if your hands are not clean in the first place. So wash your hands before beginning to clean your glasses.
  2. Run Warm Water: Rinse your eyeglasses thoroughly under the tap with lukewarm water to get rid of the dust on the glasses.
  3. Apply Cleaning Solution or Dish Soap: You can use a cleaning solution or dishwashing soap to clean your eyeglasses. If you are using a solution, spray it on both sides. Soap needs to be applied by rubbing on both sides.
  4. Rinse or Wipe Glasses: Rinse your glasses with warm water if you use soap. Cleaning solutions generally need to be wiped with a lint-free cloth.
  5. Dry Glasses With a Cloth: Either you clean your glasses with soap and water or a cleaning solution, you need to wipe and dry them properly with a cloth to get rid of any moisture.
  6. Inspect Your Eyeglasses: Inspect your glasses for any leftover solution, water, or soap. Clean up if there is any remaining smudge.


What if You Need to Clean the Glasses on the go?

You can use cleaning wipes to clean your glasses on the go. They are easy to carry. You can also carry a cleaning spray with wipes to keep your eyeglasses free of dust and debris.

What Can go Wrong While Cleaning Your Glasses?

Here is a list of common mistakes people make while cleaning glasses.

Don’t Use Any Cloth: It’s a common mistake to use any tissue paper or hand towel which you can get your hands on to clean your glasses. Clean glasses with the cloth that came with them. Otherwise, find a lint-free fabric.

Don’t Use Any Cleaning Products: Refrain from using products like usual glass cleaning solutions or nail paint remover to clean your glasses. Use dishwashing liquid only as it is safest for your glasses.

Don’t Use Your Saliva: Your saliva spreads germs, and it will not make the glasses look any better. So don’t use it to clean your glasses.

Don’t Use Tissue Paper in Any Form: It’s a bad idea to wipe your glasses with tissue paper, disposable paper towels, or toilet paper. They may leave your glasses full of lint and can also scratch them.

Don’t Rectify Scratches Yourself: Don’t try to buff off or rub the visible scratches on your glasses. It will make matters worse.

What are the Best Ways to Clean Your Glasses?

Here are a few quick tips to ensure that you get spotless lenses and frames when you clean your glasses:-

  • An ideal schedule to keep your glasses dirt and dust free is to clean them thoroughly once a week with light daily cleaning.
  • You can clean nose pads with a corner of clothes dipped in alcohol. But make sure it doesn’t touch the glasses.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the debris in the small nooks of your frame before you rinse your glasses.
  • Always wet your glasses before scrubbing or rubbing them.


How to Remove Scratches From Glasses?

The simple answer is – You can’t get rid of scratches on glasses! You may spot the adverts for some products which minimize the effect of scratches on your glass. However, these are waxy substances that are ultimately harmful to your glasses. They are especially not recommended to apply on glasses with an anti-reflective coating.

What is the Ideal Way to Store Your Glasses?

The ideal way to store your glasses is only one – Keep them in their case. The eyeglasses should always be kept in a hard-shell case. You get these cases with your glasses or can easily purchase them from the market. Don’t throw your glasses loosely in your handbag or bag pack.

When Should You Get New Glasses?

How early you need a new pair will only depend on your usage. But all eyeglasses go through wear and tear. So you should replace them when you feel they are not in good condition or you think your eye needs another level of eyeglasses. Don’t forget to schedule an eye exam whenever you replace your eyeglasses.

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