Protect the Vision of Your Little Ones with These Effective Tips


The physical and mental wellness of your children matter the most to you. One of the most important aspects of their physical health is their vision. Be it their diet, their hygiene habits or activities; all of these play an important role when it comes to maintaining and protecting the health of their eyesight.

Hence, we have listed in this article some simple yet valuable ways in which you can protect your child’s vision. Let’s take a look at them:

Watch What They Eat

Eating tantrums are one of the most common traits of childhood. To make sure that the children have a balanced and nutritious diet, you need to be tactful. Find interesting ways to include super foods which promote healthy vision like carrots, spinach and beetroot in their meals. For instance, you can make the plain old carrot more appealing by using it to prepare healthy desserts, colorful sandwiches or even healthy dips. Fruits such as blueberries, mangoes, papaya can be included in fruit salads and smoothies. Eggs can be prepared in multiple ways and are very beneficial for maintaining the health of eyes. You can consult a doctor to know more about the kind of the diet which will help nourish the eyesight of your children.

Encourage Hygienic Habits

Hygiene and children don’t exactly go hand in hand. Due to their playful and carefree nature, they are more likely to have dirty hands all the time. So, it should be ensured that they wash their hands frequently, and don’t touch their eyes with unclean hands. If your kid has an eye infection, special care should be taken to prevent him/her from rubbing eyes with dirty hands. As this would only make the infection worse.

Limit Their Time With Screens

With changing times, children’s preferences have also changed drastically. A majority of kids today would rather choose spending time in front of digital screens instead of playing outdoors in natural surroundings. This addiction of staying glued to the screens, if neglected for long can cause digital eye strain. Family picnics, cycling, outdoor sports and adventurous activities like hiking are some of the many options you can choose to ensure that your child spends less time gazing at those harmful screens.

Teach Them About Poor Vision

You should also educate your children about basics of a healthy vision. For instance, they should know enough to tell when they are unable to see things clearly, or have difficulty in reading or writing, have recurring headaches after concentrating for long durations, can’t tell the difference between colors, have irritated or painful eyes and other such symptoms. As a parent, you are constantly and consciously looking out for these symptoms. But, it’s also important that your child is capable of identifying such changes in his/her vision.

Focus On Vision Development

Visual stimulation is of great importance to nurture and develop your child’s vision. This should be done at an early age. You can introduce your child to different colors, shapes, tasks like sorting, stacking, and even ask your ophthalmologist for other visual aids which can be used for visual stimulation.

Provide Proper Eye Protection

While we all encourage our children to undertake various sports, it is essential to always make sure that they wear appropriate eye protection gear. There are various kinds of protective eye gears available for numerous sports and activities. So keep the eyes of your little ones safe while they play. Also, see to it that none of their toys have pointy ends, and that sharp objects like knife and scissors are out of their reach.

The ways mentioned above will help you protect your child’s vision effectively. Make an appointment with us at Insight Vision Centre, and we will help you learn more about how you can keep your children’s vision, safe and healthy.

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