Does Insurance Cover LASIK? What are the Other Ways to Afford it?

Does insurance cover LASIK eye surgery

Are you thinking about opting for a LASIK to fix your vision? That’s a good decision if it is recommended by your eye doctor as well. But here’s the question: do you get insurance for LASIK? Well, some vision insurance policies include benefits that can assist with the expense of laser eye surgery, but there may be restrictions.

So, if you are considering undergoing it, you should carefully review your insurance for LASIK to discover what sort of coverage you have for this vision correction surgery. The team of InSight Vision Center wants you to have all of the information you need regarding vision insurance plans so that you can make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in!

Does Insurance Cover LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is considered an elective procedure by certain insurance companies, hence more often than not LASIK is not covered by health or vision insurance. They believe that wearing glasses or contacts can be an acceptable alternative to surgery, making LASIK medically unnecessary. This also means that it can be challenging to get vision insurance to cover LASIK for astigmatism.
However, there are cases where insurance does cover LASIK. This depends on your specific circumstances, insurance policy, and provider.

What is the LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of LASIK eye surgery can range from $1,000 to $4,000 per eye. However, according to Clinical Ophthalmology in 2021, it was around $2,632 per eye in the United States in 2020 (source).

It’s crucial to remember that commercials promising LASIK for as little as $250 are generally for modest adjustments and are intended to pique your interest in learning more.

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Under What Circumstance Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

Insurance coverage for LASIK eye surgery is often limited to specific circumstances, such as certain occupations or the presence of medical conditions like severe allergies or dry eyes. While health insurance generally covers the cost of glasses and contacts, there are vision-specific insurance plans that can help with additional eye care expenses.

These vision plans are more likely to provide coverage for eye surgery. In fact, With some vision plans, you can benefit from significantly reduced LASIK eye surgery costs with insurance.

What are the Alternative Ways to Cover the Expenses of Your LASIK Surgery?

Here are a few additional ways to help you keep more money in your pocket while getting the clear vision you’ve always wanted.

  1. Look for Financing Options

    If the upfront cost of LASIK is a concern, explore financing options. Many clinics offer flexible payment plans or interest-free financing. This allows you to spread out the cost over time, making it more manageable.

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  3. Leverage FSA or HSA

    You may use pre-tax cash to pay for LASIK surgery if you have an FSA or HSA via your company. This can result in considerable savings, so be sure to take advantage of it.

  4. Bonuses

    Consider utilizing bonuses as a means to cover the expenses of LASIK. Examples of bonuses include tax returns, signing bonuses for new jobs, bonuses from current employment, financial windfalls, and even monetary gifts.

  5. Help From Your HR

    It’s advisable to reach out to your human resources manager to address any concerns regarding your vision plan, specifically inquiring about the coverage for LASIK. This individual can also provide insights into alternative benefits such as FSAs and HSAs, as well.

How Can InSight Vision Center Help Cover LASIK Surgery Expenses?

Apart from the incredible financing facility, InSight Vision Center offers you CareCredit! It is a healthcare credit card with no interest if paid in full in 12 Months. Plus, you can keep using it for dental, veterinary, and other medical expenses. Start relieving your wallet today!

FAQs – Does Insurance Cover LASIK Eye Surgery?

It is rare to get LASIK insurance coverage for astigmatism. This is because Lasik is regarded as elective surgery and not a medically deemed procedure to cure astigmatism.
Every insurance company and plan is different, so the details of coverage can vary. Factors such as the type of treatment and whether the doctor is in-network also play a role. To accurately determine how much LASIK is with insurance, it's best to reach out to your provider and review your plan with them.
Unfortunately, elective operations like LASIK are not covered by Medicare. LASIK is not covered under the Medicare Advantage (MA) plan either. However, MA plans may offer additional benefits that could be advantageous to you. Some MA plans may include routine vision care such as contact lenses, corrective glasses, yearly exams, or frames. To find out the specifics of your coverage, it's best to check with your service provider.

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