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eye safety during holidays

Your wait for the holiday season is over! It’s time to be merry, party, meet friends, family, and loved ones. But with this celebratory vibe comes accidents that are on the increase during Christmas time. Most of these are easily preventable. You just need to be extra careful and a little bit more aware.

Let’s learn about some common eye hazards and eye protection safety tips to avoid unwanted mishaps from happening.

The Christmas tree

Chances of injury or eye infections increases while cutting the Christmas tree due to dust and tree particles. Also, the tree’s pines are sharp and can poke your kids’ eyes if they are young are playing near the tree.

Eye Safety Tips

  • Use proper eye gear while cutting the tree.
  • Don’t let the kids play close to the tree.


Christmas décor can be sublime but dangerous simultaneously as most of it is made of thin, fragile glass that can shatter easily, causing injury to your eyes. Another culprit for eye accidents is the super-fun snow sprays.

Eye Protection Safety Tips

  • Get rid of all the broken plastic or glass decorating material and sharp open wires carefully.
  • Keep the nozzle of spray snow in the opposite direction from your eyes while spraying.

Festival Lighting

Looking directly into festival lighting for a long time can damage your retina. It can also adversely affect your sleep.

Eye Safety Tip

  • Try to stay away from LED and laser lighting as much as you can.


During holidays 1 kid is admitted to the emergency room every 3 minutes in the U.S.A. Sharp-edged toys, guns, slingshots, etc., can all damage a kid’s eyes.

Eye Protection Safety Tips

  • Get safety eye gear if kids are adamant about playing with guns.
  • Gift toys that don’t have sharp corners.


We all love the sound of popping the cork of champagne. But what if it gets into your eyes by accident? Yes, this is a common occurrence during the holiday season.

Eye Safety Tip

  • Make sure to hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle opposite of your eyes and from the eyes of the people present in the room.


The holidays mean get-togethers and parties, and women often glam, which includes eye makeup. Late nights sometimes result in going to bed without removing heavy eye makeup, and this can cause eye infections.

Eye safety tips

  • Be diligent in removing your makeup before going to sleep.


Christmas often involves travelling long distances either by road or flights – be it for a vacation or to see family? Driving during a long road trip can often be stressful to your eyes, and so can long travel on flights.

Eye Protection Safety Tips

  • Take frequent breaks if you’re driving long-distance or switch drivers if you can.
  • Use lubricating eye drops when on flights and use a sleeping eye mask to sleep on flights.

This year has been a testing one so far, and we all deserve as much as possible with family and friends, but don’t lose sight of the mishaps – stay cautious and have a great Christmas!

Insight Vision Center has a team of experienced eye doctors in Fresno to diagnose and treat a wide array of eye problems, diseases, and conditions. For any kind of pre or post-festival eye consultation, call 559-449-5050.

Vision acuity test

Do you suspect the credibility of your vision or your kid’s vision? Read on to know what eye tests you can undergo to clear your doubts?

Visual Acuity Test

A visual acuity test is an eye test designed to test your vision accuracy. It checks your ability to see letters from a distance. It will assess if you can clearly see shape and details from a specific distance or not.

Your color vision, peripheral vision, and depth vision can also be tested if required. A licensed optician will conduct the test. Experts recommend getting kids tested regularly. Early detection is growing years can lessen the severity of the issue.

Your test results will come in the form of a fraction. That is the comparison of your vision to an average person. Understand better by reading the parameters as mentioned below:

What does 20/20 vision mean?

This time you would not regret being called an “average.” This test result means what an average person can see in an eye chart from 20 feet away; you can see the same thing from 20 feet of distance. Which means, you have good vision.

What does 20/10 vision mean?

If 20/10 is the result of your vision test, congratulation! You are amongst the 1% of the population with superior vision. What an average person can see from 10 feet, you can see the same thing from 20 feet away.

Just a caution here that our vision changes with age. Next year your vision can deteriorate, and you might not always find yourself in the 20/20 or 20/10 category.

What does 20/30 vision mean?

Now, this is not good news. 20/30 vision means you need to be 20 feet away from the same object which an ordinary person can see from 30 feet away.

What does 20/40 vision mean?

It means you need to be 20 feet away from an object to see it correctly, which most people can see from even 40 feet away.

No need to panic with 20/30 or 20/40 results. However, you must consult an eye doctor if you are facing:

  • Difficulty in vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Dry eyes
  • Any other discomfortin your eyes

If you have 20/30 or 20/40 vision, you can still get a driving license and do your daily chores smoothly, you probably just need to wear glasses or contact lenses. You also have an option to get your vision corrected.

There are several treatments and gadgets available which can support and enhance your vision.

  1. Eye Glasses
  2. Eyeglasses can be your friend if you need them occasionally. They are ideal for people who might find it challenging to read a menu or movie subtitles but can do their regular activities without any hassle. Glasses are easy to put on and remove. They are a style statement nowadays. They are the easiest way to correct your vision.

  3. Contact Lenses
  4. If you need to wear glasses all the time, contact lenses can be your go-to solution. You can put them on in the morning and remove it before sleeping only. It would be best if you are careful with their care to prevent any eye infection. Put them on with clean hands and disinfect them regularly. There are also use and throw lenses, and lenses you can keep on and change occasionally. Your eye doctor will be able to recommend the best option for you and instruct you on how to use them.

  5. LASIK Eye Surgery
  6. Light travels through the image of an object to your retina. The clarity of any object or its appearance depends upon the uniform movement of light through your eye. LASIK eye surgery shapes your eyes to obtain that objective to sharpen the image. It is a safe and convenient procedure to correct vision problems.

If you’re facing vision problems, it’s best to see your eye doctor soon and get the best advice on how to correct your vision related problems. Don’t delay! Call the eye experts of Insight Vision Center to get your eyes tested and get appropriate treatment.

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