6 Essential Eye Health Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Vision


Eye care is extremely important for young children, not only because their eyes and vision are developing, but also because 80% of their learning is visual.

Check out these essential tips for helping your child develop and maintain healthy vision:

  1. Watch for Warning Signs
    A child may not recognize eye problems, so look out for signs of vision impairment. Visit an eye doctor if your child is squinting, rubbing eyes excessively, closing one eye or tilting their head while reading or watching TV, sitting too close to electronic screens or holding books closer than normal, etc.
    Also watch for light sensitivity, tearing, complaints of blurry or double vision, headaches, tired eyes and difficulty reading/writing.
  2. Encourage Proper Eye Care
    Help your little one develop good eye care habits at a young age and enjoy healthy eyes throughout their life. Teach them to wash their hands often, and avoid touching or rubbing their eyes. Wearing protective eyewear is another good habit, especially while playing sports, working with tools and swimming.
    Make sure they get enough sleep, and take frequent breaks while reading and using computers or other electronic devices as well!
  3. Avoid Digital Eye Strain
    The use of digital gadgets and electronic screens is becoming increasingly common among young children, but these can damage your child’s vision and eye health. Digital eye strain can cause dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, poor distance vision, and more.
    Delay exposure to televisions, computers, tablets, mobile phones and video games as long as possible, and limit your kid’s use of these devices, especially at night.
  4. Schedule Regular Eye Exams
    You should take your child to see an eye doctor regularly even if they don’t seem to have eye problems or their school conducts vision screenings. In most cases, symptoms of eye disease or vision problems don’t become obvious right away, and school eye tests may not be thorough.
    A comprehensive eye exam helps to keep your kid’s eyes and vision healthy, as well as providing early treatment for any issues.
  5. Upgrade Their Diet
    Ensure that your kid eats plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and healthy beverages. Nutrition is crucial for eye health, especially vitamins A, C and E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids. These eye-friendly nutrients protect against dry eyes, premature tissue damage, eye infection and more.
    A balanced diet boosts vision development, as well as preventing obesity and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, which can affect eye health.
  6. Send Them Outdoors
    Playing outdoors instead of being stuck to the TV or computer can help your child’s vision in more than one way. First, it reduces near point stress and digital eye strain. Second, exposure to differing proximities and colors in natural light helps kids develop and exercise their visual senses.
    Just make sure they wear sunglasses with 99-100% UV protection outside since excessive UV exposure can lead to eye damage.

Can LASIK Surgery Help Children with Vision Problems?

Many parents wonder whether LASIK eye surgery is safe for children, and whether it offers any benefits for developing eyes. Generally, eye surgery should only be performed after your child turns 18, especially elective vision correction procedures such as LASIK.

Mostly, this is because a child’s vision may change as they grow, countering the effects of laser eye surgery. In severe cases of vision deterioration, however, LASIK surgery could help your child enjoy clear eyesight and normal development. An experienced eye doctor can help you determine if this is the right choice.

If you want to schedule a comprehensive eye exam or consultation for LASIK in Fresno, contact Insight Vision Center today!

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