5 Habits You Should Root Out for Better Vision


Are you suffering from any vision related problems?

If yes then you are not alone in this as 95% of opticians say, they are seeing more eye complications now than they used to 5 years ago. Many people inadvertently do things which have a negative impact on their ocular health and vision every day. Our eyes put up with a lot. Things like unhealthy food, hours of gawking at the TV or computer screens, exposure to sunlight, the list goes on and on. Despite knowing how crucial our eyesight is, we always tend to take it for granted. A lot of what we do daily poses a threat to healthy vision, but these 5 habits are the most usual ones and can be easily avoided.

  1. Incessant Use of Cell-Phones:
    Everyone is guilty of using mobile phones excessively. But sadly, the blue light on the phone can cause blurred vision, eye-strain and dry eyes. You can avoid this by dimming your screen light, increasing the font size and blinking more often while staring at the screen. According to the report by The Vision Council, the HEV light used in these devices can cause significant damage to the retinas. It is always better to be precautious since the long-term effects of the light are not known.
  2. Smoking:
    Tobacco is bad news. It is a well known fact that smoking is associated with heart diseases and lung cancer, but recent studies have shown that smoking can lead to vision impairment. Complications can occur in the form of:

    • Cataracts
    • Dry-Eye Syndrome
    • Age-related Macular Degeneration
    • Glaucoma

    The only way to prevent these serious problems is to quit smoking. A healthy lifestyle is always a big bonus when it comes to caring for your eyes.

  3. Contact Lens:
    It is easy to be negligent with contact lenses once you are using it daily. Poor handling of contact lenses can lead to some severe infections which may need medical attention in extreme cases. Several causes contribute to contact lens infection such as bacterial, fungal or herpes keratitis:

    • Sleeping with contacts
    • Poor contact hygiene
    • Prolonged use of contacts
    • Adding new contact lens to the dish with old solution

    The symptoms of infection include excessive redness, discharge from eyes, blurry vision or increased sensitivity to light. It can be avoided by washing your hands before handling them, keeping them in proper solution and taking them off when you don’t need them.

  4. Eye Makeup:
    We are always told to throw away our eye makeup in a couple of months. The natural bacteria found around the eye will be transferred to the eye makeup and continue to grow, increasing your risk of eye infection. The wand of the mascara, which is the most commonly used eye makeup comes in direct contact with the potential bacteria. There is an alarming amount of lead, mercury and paraben present in makeup products. Even popular brands contain traces of these toxic ingredients. These harmful ingredients increase eye infections that lead to blindness and cysts.
  5. Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight:
    Ophthalmologists say that the risk of cataracts increases with frequent sunlight exposure. UV light from the sun has been known to cause damage to the skin but a 2014 study has shown it can damage your eyes as well. The ultraviolet rays penetrate the cornea and can lead to several complications such as:

    • Cataracts
    • Eyelid cancer
    • Keratitis or corneal burns
    • Conjunctival cancer

    These disorders can advance due to UV rays. They may seem scary, but it can be prevented by taking some precautions. Hats and sunglasses are safe and stylish ways to protect your eyes from UV rays.

It’s not inevitable for your vision to get worse with age but we do need to keep a check on ourselves and go for an eye exam at least every two years. Cut down on junk food and stock up on veggies and oily fish, exercise every day and get adequate sleep so that you refrain from putting your peepers at risk.
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